Accounts Receivable

Insurance follow-up

Our Insurance follow-up services are designed to focus on increasing cash flow, lower adjustments and reducing the number of days in accounts receivable (A/R). We provide aggressive follow up with the insurance company’s on all accounts at any stage of the aging bucket. We watch your aging buckets and monitor your money moving from one bucket to the next. We ensure to stop earlier the increasing A/R aging buckets by not waiting for 60 days to work on an account.

We run and analyse a variety of reports like aged trial balance, looking at old accounts, studying by payer and by patients to determine the right issues and address the same and making sure that the accounts that are a high balance or at risk of being lost due to timely filling reasons are addresses proactively.

Our Insurance follow up services are carried out by trained account receivable representatives with extensive experience in all billing functions, thereby adjudicating the claims as quickly and accurately as possible. Our Accounts Receivable and Insurance follow up services include Aging Analysis, Payer Follow- Up, Denial Trend Management and Reporting.

Patient follow-up

Our focused and experienced staffs follows up with patients to collect and resolve any delayed or disputed account, thus maximizing cash flow.