Image Editing & Resizing

Nothing sells better than an attractive image. It has the power to entice prospective clients instantly and often rather always act as a catalyst in a prospect's buying decision. It is quite simple; a high-quality image interests the client while an unclear and vague image confuses them. Thus, without doubt, displaying a vivid and clear image is significant to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

Images taken sometimes lack in quality or are ambiguous which fail to appeal to the customer. At Soliox Tech we offer a palette of excellent image editing services to make sure your images are picture perfect in your online store.

We help you get relevant product information as quickly as possible with our Catalog Indexing services. Efficient indexing of your products or services will allow your customers to find the desired products without any hassle.

Our digital image processing services include:

Image Retouching - Image retouching services involves removal of shadows, marks, and light correction from images. Creative blurring of images is also done to bring in a high quality visual effect. Fashion photos are made glamorous by removing blemishes/spots from the photo. Enhance image contrast, brighten and sharpen features to make it more attractive.

Image Resizing - Resize/Crop images to the dimensions specified for each ecommerce platform.

Image Conversion - Convert images into any format (Jpeg, png, bmp) formats

Image Enhancement - Image enhancement services includes removal of poor backgrounds, add innovative designs, colour correction, brighten, sharpen, contrast and use advanced masking techniques on images.

Image Background Editing - Background editing involves removal of dull and unwanted elements from your product catalog images.

Our team who specializes in eCommerce Catalog image editing services consists of a group of experienced graphic designers managed by creative directors. The designers are trained in various image editing software's like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Coral Draw etc. The graphic designers at Soliox Tech receive in-house certification to assure you that you have the finest working for you.

Our creative directors use their experience and ingenuity to review the edited images passed on and it is with their approval that the images are finalized.