At SOLIOX TECHNOLOGIES, our agents are the best in the business because both new employees and veteran employees receive in-depth soft skills, domain and career training

Whether driven by client need changes, industry changes, or specific employee development, our comprehensive training programs keep our agents at the top of their field. Some of our training programs include:

Communication skills training

  • Orientation
  • Soft-skills
  • Voice/Accent neutralization

Domain training:

Led by SOLIOX TECHNOLOGIES trainers from client-provided content or internally developed curriculum SOLIOX TECHNOLOGIES training department is capable of developing custom curriculum from client materials

Pre/post-production training

“nesting” training with on the floor mentoring during initial ramp up Certification evaluation before graduating from nesting Tightly integrated Quality and Coaching loop throughout agent tenure to insure all metrics are optimized Supervisory training for agents that are selected for management roles Self-training via e-learning modules delivered through Classroom training for refreshing skills or cross training to new skills.